Robert Creamer

and Nancy Scheinman



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Structure of Sky Bound with Secret Knots

Essence of Water

Biosphere Aquatic - Continuum

Thistle Burst - Spring Floats
Lotus Garden - Flight of Royals Pentimento Revel - Sojourn

Passion for each other's work led to this integral creative engagement. Artistic practice as a fundamentally self-reliant process becomes a social action upon collaboration. Entering into a visual conversation with generosity of spirit, our process: collage - collocation - collaboration yields a new format for expression. Through mutual respect and trust, two artists together, we seek balance in an untraveled world. (Our) co-laboring involves cross disciplinary dialogue, and the development of skill sets that blend new technologies with traditional craftsmanship. Visually and conceptually free of conflict, our colling of ideas allows for us a new model of authorship.

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